I figured out that as of today, August 30, 2017, I have lived 24,235 days on the planet this time around. According to the Social Security Life Expectancy Calculator, I’m predicted to live another 7,000 days or so. Of course, it may be a lot fewer than that.

That’s sounding awfully finite to me.

So I’m renewing my commitment to live fully and intensely, savoring every single moment of the days that remain.

I’m not screwing around on this one. It’s time. I can’t afford to waste a single one of those 7,000 or fewer days.

I’m going to stop pretending to like what I don’t like. I’m going to stop acting like I enjoy being around people I don’t enjoy being around. I will laugh more. Make love more. Learn more new stuff and take more risks. Surround myself with passionate people who draw out the best in me.

And place my attention on what I love most.

I love my man’s arms around me.
I love the smell of his skin.
I love my crazy beautiful grandsons.
I love the color red.
I love my music loud.
I love my food spicy.
I love my coffee strong.

And I will try to make a difference, even if only in one other person’s life. A real and important and positive difference.

What about you?