Scholarly Publications

Selected Academic Articles:

Before Identity 

Managing Intractable Conflicts 

Hot and Cold Collide


Power of Mind 

Capitalizing on Paradox 

Untangling the Contradictions 

Professional Books:

Fiol, C. M. & O’Connor, E. J.   (2009). Separately Together: A New Path to Healthy Hospital-Physician Relations. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

O’Connor, E. J. & Fiol, C. M.  (2009). Creating Readiness for Change: Preparing Physicians and Administrators for Collaboration. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

O’Connor, E. J., Fiol, C. M., & Panico, P.H.  (2010). Working Together While Maintaining Distinctiveness: Healthy Hospital-Physician Relations. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

Meet Marlena

Marlena Fiol, PhD, is a globally recognized author, scholar, speaker and spiritual seeker whose work explores the depths of who we are and what’s possible in our lives. Her significant body of publications on the topic, coupled with her own raw identity-changing experiences, makes her uniquely qualified to write about personal transformational change. She is also a certified tai chi instructor and freelance writer whose most recent work has appeared in numerous literary magazines and newsletters (please see Essays tab).

Before launching into the world of literary nonfiction, she enjoyed an active career of professional and academic teaching, consulting and training. She has served as a senior editor of two international journals; she is a Fellow of the Academy of Management, a 20,000-member international professional association of scholars and organizations established in 1936, and was co-founder of one of its major divisions. Marlena was also a partner in a national consulting/speaking organization. She holds a PhD in Strategic Management from the University of Illinois and has taught on the faculties of New York University and the University of Colorado.

Marlena has steadfastly devoted herself to supporting her students and clients in identifying and removing the barriers to realizing their dreams. She considers every blog, essay, book or workshop an opportunity to share her insights with others, as well as learn more about her own transformational journey. She finds great joy in the outpouring of others’ similar life stories. Her firm belief is that we all want to be heard and understood.

Marlena feels blessed to walk this journey with her husband and soulmate, Ed O’Connor, and together they find both light playfulness and intense joy in their relationships with their two young grandsons. They live in lush, green Eugene, Oregon in the summer and in the fierce desert of Arizona in the winter.


Meet Ed

Ed O’Connor, PhD, is also a recognized author, scholar, speaker and spiritual seeker. In his earlier career he was a professor of Management and Health Administration at the University of Colorado, Denver, and a partner of a national consulting/speaking organization. Ed holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a PhD from the University of Akron. He has previously served on Business and Psychology faculties at the Universities of Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas, as well as the Georgia Institute of Technology. His prior work focused on physician-hospital relations, change management, visionary strategic leadership, conflict resolution, and entrepreneurship.

Ed is currently the primary research arm for literary nonfiction and fiction writing with Marlena. He is also a certified tai chi instructor, and together they enjoy bringing the benefits of tai chi to others. He loves snuggling with Marlena and spending time with his two young grandsons.