Journeys of Awakening

Do you feel stuck? Are you still struggling with the same challenges you’ve faced for years? Do you long for greater meaning?

It’s my hope that we can share our transformational experiences in order to inspire each other to explore what’s possible in our lives.



Do you yearn for balance and clarity in the midst of disorder and chaos? Together let’s explore alternative paths to transformation.

Authentic Life

Are you tired of pretending to be someone you’re not? Together let’s explore the joys and struggles of striving to live an authentic life.


Do you want to live well and fully until the day you die? Together let’s explore ways that self-care can lead to health and well being.

My most recent blogs:

Personal Transformation: How Tears Can Connect

Personal Transformation: How Tears Can Connect

I cry easily. And increasingly, I cry about apparently nothing. I wish I more often had some external trigger to explain the reason for my tears. Sometimes they feel inexplicable, even uncalled for. At times, I begin to cry when sadness within me feels so vast and so...

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Your Authentic Life: He “Gets” Me

Your Authentic Life: He “Gets” Me

Six years ago last Thursday at 10:05 a.m. MST, the brilliant cardio-thoracic surgeon Dr. Luis Rosado-Lopez cut open my beloved’s chest and constructed three alternative pathways for blood to flow to his heart. Dr. Rosado saved Ed’s life, and today my blog is about...

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