Journeys of Awakening

Do you feel stuck? Are you still struggling with the same challenges you’ve faced for years? Do you long for greater meaning?

It’s my hope that we can share our transformational experiences in order to inspire each other to explore what’s possible in our lives.



Do you yearn for balance and clarity in the midst of disorder and chaos? Together let’s explore alternative paths to transformation.

Authentic Life

Are you tired of pretending to be someone you’re not? Together let’s explore the joys and struggles of striving to live an authentic life.


Do you want to live well and fully until the day you die? Together let’s explore ways that self-care can lead to health and well being.

My most recent blogs:

Your Authentic Life: Nothing to Apologize For

Your Authentic Life: Nothing to Apologize For

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Donna Carol Voss, in her own words, "a Berkeley grad, a former pagan, a Mormon on purpose, and an original thinker on twenty-first-century living." She hosts "Nothing to Apologize For," a show where she makes no apologies...

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